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All You Need To Know About A Wild Fuck

Sometimes sex is not good until it’s a wild sex. A wild fuck is one that will take you gently by the hand and toss you against the wall, ripping off clothes along the way. This includes using sex toys, hand cuffs, fucking any open hole and spanking. Here’s is all you need to know about a wild fuck.

Focus on the psychological

Having a wild fuck is not only physical but can be psychological. A big ass woman will turn you on physically but that is just part of the process. Turning the mind on is the first stage of a wild fuck. It needs to be comprehended in the head that what’s about to happen is something out of the ordinary. This separates you from youngsters who are trying to utilize every position known to mankind.

Interact vocally

“You like that don’t you?” “That pussy feels so good” “Would you like me to fuck you hard?” “Do you want to do doggy style?” These are some of the things that should be shouted while you stick your cock in any hole you find. A man shouldn’t always be the one in charge. You can switch roles and let her take charge. Let her scream your name loud.

Dominate each other physically

Wild fuck is all about dominance, you can dominate her physically or vice versa. Get the concept of the two of you sleeping on a bed full of petals and gently having missionary fuck while listening to soft music out of your head, if you ever want to keep her around. You have to manhandle her and be a man: dominant, ravishing and always leading and taking control.

Get rough within reason

Wild sexy bitches today are jaded by multiple companions, being frequent porn lovers themselves and sexual experimentation to the 9th degree. What alpha males get, is that ladies actually fantasize and enjoy a rough consensual fuck. This is a part of the desire to be ‘taken’ by a man and ravished like it’s the last time on earth that two humans can have sex.

Try pulling her hair while slamming her from behind, to make it even wilder. Girls, suck that cock like it’s the only thing you want to do. Try and grab his balls but not too hard, unless he likes it that way! Mind bending sex is just a fanny slap away.