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How do you provide gents with a quality service? If you work for an escort agency, or run an escort agency, it is crucial that you provide gents with a quality service. So many escort agencies which have been set up in a hurry, fail in providing gents with a quality service. The end result is that they go bankrupt. Needless to say, this affects everybody who work for the agency, and does not do a lot for the escort industry in general. A focus on quality is vital, and that is what we try to provide you with here at Belvedere escorts.


The first point of contact for a gent with an escort agency is normally via the website. A gent will be looking for a sexy companion in a certain part of London or elsewhere, and start searching for escorts. All gents have different tastes, and it is important to make the web site as user friendly as possible. It needs to contain pretty photos of the girls, and information about them as well. Here at Belvedere escorts, the girls have many different talents, and they like to tell their gents about them.


Secondly you need to decide if you are going to provide gents with an incall or outcall service. London is a pretty frantic place to live in, and it may not be that easy to get around. Dating incall girls, in other words visiting a girl, used to be very popular. However, outcall escorts services such as the ones we run here at Belvedere escorts services are becoming more and more popular. It is much easier for gents to call an escort agency, and ask a girl to pop around.


You also need to make sure that you offer a broad spectrum of different services. After all, not gents are after a BDSM service. It is becoming more popular, but at  the moment, the vast majority of gents I meet at Belvedere escorts services, still like to date on a personal basis. After that I think that business function dating is very popular in London, and you may find that some gents want to be a bit more playful. It is important to be able to provide something like a dress up for fun service. Some girls really like to play dress up.


The reception is important as well. The girls who answer the phone here at Belvedere escorts know a lot about the girls here at the agency, and have had proper training. If I gents calls up and asks for a special service, they know exactly where to direct them. Explaining the terms and conditions of a date, is something that is important. Some gents presume a lot of things about escorts, and it may not be right. Therefore it is vital that the girls who answer the phone, can explain what it means to date an escort. Having the right girls who truly enjoy the company of gents is also very important, and tha t really ensures a quality service.

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